Exclusive Aircraft Marketing &
Acquisition Agreements

Experience shows there are reasons for granting an exclusive sale or acquisition mandate as a client’s best choice. Several brokers - either entitled or working on their own - selling your aircraft and probably approaching the same buyer on a non-exclusive basis, will create the impression that there are more buyers than there are. Likewise, if several brokers are seeking an aircraft on your behalf, the seller of the “right” aircraft will be led to believe that demand is greater than it actually is, pushing up the price you will pay as a consequence.

Trading up/down
for your next aircraft

When travel requires change, you may need to change to another aircraft. This switch can be made very easy as and when it happens by experience, communication and a comprehensive network of contacts. Elements of the sale and acquisition process detailed in the preceding are our keys to making this work as you need it too. That is the service we provide as your broker.

Purchasing your aircraft

We at AVIONMAR have access to more than just publicly advertised aircraft. Through years of building our network, we have developed extensive contacts to brokers with clients who do not advertise their aircraft on the open market, as well as to management and maintenance companies and manufacturers.

These off-market aircraft are often less exposed to the pressures of pricing-by-demand and can represent outstanding value for money. Through our experience and contacts we can also help you get the best price when acquiring a new aircraft from a manufacturer as a first-time buyer. This process involves:

  • Comparing aircraft performance (if needed) to help identify the ideal aircraft for you
  • Reviewing the market for availability and pricing
  • Utilizing our extensive personal broker contact network for off-market aircraft at attractive prices and locating the best deal for your preferred type and model
  • Submitting an offer on your behalf based on the best possible pricing
  • Assisting with offer and contract negotiation (either independently or with support from our network of lawyers)
  • Managing and supervising the pre-buy inspection process
  • Managing the documentation for sales completion with the Civil Aviation Authority
  • Managing the closing process
  • Ensuring privacy and discretion throughout the transaction
Add us to your team!

Many pilots say the distraction of trying to be a salesperson seriously conflicts with their core priorities and responsibilities, which is to comply with technical and regulatory updates on which they must focus and provide for your safe travels. Most don’t feel adept at taking many dozens of phone calls for pricing, specifications, nor qualifying buyers, sellers, brokers, and offers. And with many voicemails and eMails stacking up daily, it’s easy to delay or miss contacting the right buyer. In contrast, AVIONMAR has only one single focus --- selling or acquiring your aircraft. And with our tools, experience and network, we can stay in touch with prospective buyers, as well as provide guidance on pricing and availability of aircraft.

AVIONMAR takes the distraction and workload off your desks and lets all of you focus on your core business priorities.

Why mandate us?

Core business skills and priorities are the keywords. You and your pilots or your management company are experts at the missions you face every day - business profitability and safe aircraft travel respectively. With AVIONMAR as your broker you receive the benefit of our years of market knowledge, our huge network to OEMs, maintenance facilities, banks and other brokers, our transaction experience, aircraft contract negotiation experience and skills. We filter out the many tire-kickers and pricing researchers and concentrate our focus on your transaction. This is the expertise we exhibit - every day, in every transaction.