Owners often peruse the various types and models for their next aircraft to buy, or assess when they may decide to sell their current one. AVIONMAR can provide you up to date market updates on any aircraft on the market. The information can include hours, price, days on market, and other general specifications. We also have a huge broker network where many “off-market” aircraft are discreetly available - often at attractive pricing.


When assisting with the purchase of an aircraft, AVIONMAR offers a detailed market overview; examining the appropriate models and negotiating on behalf of our client. In addition, AVIONMAR takes care of all necessary contracts for the purchase or sale and technically observes any aircraft inspections – resulting in a one stop shop solution for aircraft owners. Due to our experience in financing and selling business jets we also provide our expertise to banks and operators in single transactions or in restructuring of aircraft portfolios.

Sales & Acquisition process

Our complete process for selling or acquiring your aircraft is structured to leave you in control and delegate the daily details to AVIONMAR. While there are many items and actions within the steps below, these are the things we do to support you - ensuring you the control you deserve, but taking away the workload from you to the maximum possible extent.

When selling your
aircraft, we will:
  • Provide current market research to set your asking price
  • Advertise with email, internet, brokerage platforms and broadcast and other media
  • Ensure quality photo coverage of the aircraft
  • Cover all advertising costs
  • Cover all advertising costs
  • Filter and qualify all the phone and email traffic
  • Ensure offers include appropriate terms
  • Assist in contract negotiations (and escrow process)
  • Manage the escrow process
  • Manage and guide the pre-buy inspection process
  • Manage documentation for sale completion
  • Manage the de-registration with the Civil Aviation Authority
  • Manage the closing process
  • Ensure privacy and discretion throughout the transaction